Our mission at Atlas is to change the rules of the hospitality industry by offering hotel services on a peer to peer short-term model. Our aspiration is to create a globally recognised brand that bridges the gap between the holiday home market and traditional hotels. It’s about giving people the best of both worlds: the freedom and authentic urban experience of a short-term rental, with the consistency and amenities associated with an upscale hotel.



Our concept is a natural evolution of the industry, bringing hotel quality service and standards to vacation home rentals. The holiday homes market has rapidly expanded over recent years as travellers seek out unique personalised experiences, but this has created wild inconsistencies in terms of quality and service. Atlas allows vacationers or professionals to enjoy the residential charm of a holiday home without compromising on luxury.


Atlas is not just a property management company; we are hospitality management professionals with years of experience in the industry. 


Atlas is built on a solid foundation of respect, fairness, innovation, sustainability and quality. Working together, we can create a global network of property owners, travellers and service providers who really care about the experience people want to have when they travel.


Experience the Atlas life.


The hospitality industry is about places and experiences. But it’s also about people – vacationers looking for their next new experience and property owners looking to maximise their profits in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 


Atlas is about connecting people engaged in the hospitality to ensure that they get exactly the service they are looking for, whether they’re travelling the globe, or letting out a property on the vacation home model.   


For guests, it’s a completely new way to see the world – authentically, but without compromising on quality or comfort.


For property owners and investors, partnering with Atlas means increased profits, turn-key management services, the recognition of being part of a global brand and the potential for growth through a paradigm shift in the hospitality industry.


Whether you are away from home for business or travelling for pleasure, the Atlas life can be yours at every step of your journey. From booking to checkout, it’s our mission to deliver a unique, quality experience.

You will arrive at an immaculately clean apartment or villa that is effortlessly stylish and equipped with hotel quality amenities for everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay. You will also have the choice to add some extra touches to make your visit even more special.

Housekeeping and linen refresh services are provided throughout your stay, and a variety of customised services are available on request through our Concierge to personalise your experience. The Atlas life is about experiencing what it would be like to really live in the city of your dreams with all the conveniences of a hotel. You will be joining a community of adventurous travellers who want to explore the world in a new way. The end of your stay is just the beginning of a continuous relationship.

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Joining Atlas gives you the opportunity to become part of an emerging global brand, recognized for quality and consistently excellent standards. As a property owner, you don’t have to worry about a thing - we provide total turn-key property management solutions. This includes managing bookings, maintenance and utility fee payments while simultaneously allowing you to achieve rates at least 25% higher than average vacation rentals.

Atlas is a curated collection of upscale properties in the most desirable locations. Once accepted, we’ll manage upgrades to your property according to our brand signature with stylish décor, a furniture package and provide you with the exclusive Atlas brand touchpoints. This includes hotel grade mattresses and pillows,
luxury bed linens and electronic door locks.

We use a combination of strategies including traditional print, digital and social media to market properties, and enlist social media influencers to promote the Atlas brand. Properties are listed on multiple platforms with professional photographs, and easy booking and payment management systems.


At Atlas we are creating a worldwide network of professionals who share our vision and values, and who think globally but cherish the place they come from. By partnering with us, service providers whose exact standards match our own will have the opportunity to join us in creating a new paradigm for the hospitality industry.




Atlas Homestays is operated by



  • On request, potential properties in prime locations of the city will be visited and evaluated for inclusion in the portfolio. They could be one or more bedroom apartments, townhouses or villas.

  • Units will be assessed against key criteria, such as building character and amenities, interior design, furnishing and equipment (if any) and overall condition of repair.


  • A report will be provided to the property owner detailing upgrades required to the  property, including specifications and costs.


  • If the property is suitable and the owner wishes to enroll in the Atlas collection, a Contract will be signed between the property owner and Aquila Hospitality Services allowing Aquila Hospitality exclusive rights to manage rentals for the property for a fixed term with an option to renew.​


  • Agreed upgrades will be fully managed by Aquila Hospitality. If interior design services and furniture package are required, these will be provided by Aquila Hospitality Services.


  • Additionally, a package of Atlas brand touch points, including hotel quality mattresses, headboard, pillows, linens etc. will be installed as part of an enrollment fee.


  • The unit will be registered on the Dubai Tourism and Commercial Marketing (DTCM) portal and
    inspected by DTCM for classification purposes.

  • Professional photographs will be taken of the unit to show it in its best light.


  • Full content inventory and an existing conditions
    report will be provided to the property owner.

  • Unit details and photographs will be uploaded on the Atlas website, as well as other major booking platforms, including Airbnb, Booking.com and HomeAway.


  • Aquila Hospitality will manage all bookings, guest
    relations and services on behalf of the property owner for a fixed percentage of rental revenue.

  • Dynamic revenue modeling is used to set rates and maximize returns based on occupancy and competition.


  • Aquila Hospitality will manage all utility fee payments on behalf of the property
    owner within the management fee.

  • Aquila Hospitality will provide periodic
    preventative maintenance and inspections, quarterly deep cleaning and manage
    any required repairs.


  • Property owners will be provided with a monthly
    statement showing occupancy and gross
    rental revenue for the period, with operating
    fees of a fixed percentage deducted, as well as utility fees and repair expenses incurred.

  • Net payable amount will be forwarded to the property owner on a monthly basis.


  • If at the end of the term of the contract the property
    owner decides not to renew enrollment, the unit will be handed back to the property owner with the
    same inventory and in the same condition of repair
    recorded during induction. The upgrades and Atlas
    Brand Touchpoints are the property of the owner to
    keep, however the unit may no longer be rented out using the Atlas brand name.